Dive deep into the inspiring journeys of visionary tech leaders who dared to go against the grain. In a world dominated by venture capital, these founders and CEOs chose to bootstrap their companies. In our series, the main focus is on online marketplaces, SaaS platforms, and consumer apps.
Discover the challenges, triumphs, and secrets behind building successful tech companies without external funding.
If you have ever wondered what it takes to grow organically in the tech space, this podcast is your front-row seat to the strategies and stories of Europe’s self-funded success stories. Listen to our episodes and get inspired!
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Episode 20

Investment approaches, VC vs Private Equity and the Marketplace conference

In this epidode of the European Bootstrapping Champions Eugen B Russ invited Mathias Ockenfels from Speedinvest to talk about the differences in the investment approach in a VC and a private equity firm, what advice he has in entrepreneurs looking for funding, but also about the Marketplace Conference 2021.

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Latest Episodes

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