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08 Mai 2021

What Entrepreneurs need to know about selling a company

Russmedia Equity Partners (RMEP) invites you to join the webinar where you can learn from the speakers‘ experience about what it means to sell a company.

Dos and don’ts, tips and an insightful Q&A session. The webinar took place online, on zoom on Wednesday, May 19th.

You can view the recording below or listen to the recording.

Who are the speakers?

Markus Kümmel is managing director and co-founder of Bergfex, the leading online company for outdoor enthusiasts in Europe. In 1999 Markus co-founded Bergfex as a passionate skier and snowboarder. He is jointly responsible for the strategic development and growth of the outdoor platform since the beginning.


Eugen B. Russ is Managing Director of Russmedia Equity Partners. In his role he supports the leadership of our portfolio companies in building and developing sustainable, results-oriented online marketplace and SaaS businesses.

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What is the agenda?


During the one hour conversation we’ll try finding the answers at 10 key questions one should consider when thinking about selling a company.


  1. When did you start looking for investors? What was your motivation?
  2. How did you identify the right partner for your company?
  3. How did you manage to build trust with your partner
  4. How did you distinguish between the different investors who are trying to get the deal?
  5. What information would you have liked to know about your investors before they got on board? 
  6. Red flags about investors you should be aware of?
  7. When do you know it’s a good deal?
  8. How and when did you communicate to your team about this?
  9. Mistakes to avoid when selling your company: what would you do differently next time?
  10. What has changed since RMEP came onboard as a partner?


The format will be open and engaging so that the audience can ask questions at any given moment.


Who should attend? 


  • Entrepreneurs of bootstrapped companies
    You have spent the last years building a profitable business, with your own money, sweat and patience. Now, you are looking for a partner to internationalise, accelerate growth or are simply thinking about selling some of your shares but continue to lead the business into the next phase of growth.
  • Companies switching from unsustainable growth to profitability
    You have built a great business with considerable revenues and you are even close to profitability already. Your VC investors are at the end of their holding period and need to exit. You want to stay on board to turn the company into a profitable, cashflow yielding business.
  • Your early investors or co-founders want to exit Your business angels or co-founders want to exit and you want to bring in a new entrepreneurial investor to take your business to the next level.


Talk and examples are mainly focused on online marketplaces, aggregators and SaaS solutions, but everyone is welcome to join.

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