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21 Juli 2020

Virtual meetups for a stronger community

Not being able to meet in person is a situation that we are all adapting to. Given the current circumstances we also converted the regular meetups we’d normally have, to an online format.

Chief Marketing Officers and Sales leaders from the RMEP portfolio companies got together last week to discuss challenges and opportunities and see how working together can help us overcome the negative impact of the Covid-19 related effects.

Virtual Marketing Meetup

Marketing teams from,,, Erento, Quoka, Jobiqo and got together last week to share their experiences from the past few months. Campaigning during the pandemic and repositioning services were the preferred topics. Each company got to share the measures implemented and got to learn from one another to see what might or might not work during these unprecedented times.

We also got to learn how the teams managed to get over these weeks, united and productive in spite of all the limitations. The team even managed to organize an online concert and print some cool T-shirts meant to lift the spirits.

Virtual Sales Meetup:

The sales leaders got together this same week and discussed how they managed to minimize loss and turn this context into new opportunities. Growing the customer base and changing the pricing strategy is something most of the RMEP portfolio companies implemented in the last months. Some even readjusted how their sales teams are operating.

Nevertheless it was a great learning experience and even if via zoom, we are confident that sharing knowledge openly is the key to effectively working together. We’ll continue to flexibly adapt to the current circumstances to ensure knowledge exchange within our community and best practice sharing.

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