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30 März 2021

Russmedia Equity Partners acquires minority stake in ICONY GmbH

Russmedia Equity Partners and Schöne Töchter GmbH announce that Russmedia Equity Partners has acquired a minority stake in white label dating provider ICONY. Schöne Töchter GmbH remains the majority owner.

A match: family business meets family-like team

„The family-like approach within the ICONY team and Schöne Töchter GmbH is a perfect match for Russmedia. After all, Russmedia has always been run as a successful family business. This makes it a harmonious match between the two companies“, Alexander Hafemann, Managing Director Schöne Töchter GmbH, and Eugen B. Russ, Managing Director Russmedia Equity Partners, are pleased about the investment. After several confidential discussions, a great partnership developed and now they are looking forward to a strong future together.

"We are pleased to have found a strong partner in Russmedia, who will support us in the further expansion of the ICONY network. The partnership will accelerate our growth even further, which in turn will benefit all existing partners in the network"

Uwe Thomas, ICONY managing director

ICONY GmbH is both the operator and the central link of the ICONY network. The network offers partners the opportunity to operate a platform for singles looking for a partner under their own brand and domain. 

Successful cooperation model at ICONY

ICONY GmbH implements the dating platforms in the design of its business partners and takes care of the ongoing operation. Thanks to a central database, ICONY partners and users have access to a large number of users right from the start and thus have a good chance of finding a suitable match. The ICONY business partners, on the other hand, have the great advantage that they don’t have to start with an empty database, but have numerous active users on the platform right from the start.

„The idea behind ICONY with its central database convinced us immediately. The advantages are obvious for both the business partners and the users. You don’t start from scratch, but already begin with a large network. We are happy to be part of it now and look forward to the future with excitement,“ explains Ludwig Schwarzmayr, Investment Manager in the Russmedia Group.

From ICONY partner to minority shareholding

The Russmedia Group started out as a classic ICONY cooperation partner and was enthusiastic about both the company concept and the team behind it from the very beginning. Thus, the initial cooperation between the two companies has now developed into a minority shareholding, which was implemented between Russmedia Equity Partners and Schöne Töchter GmbH, as majority owners of ICONY GmbH. The partners are looking forward to a joint future in which they will complement each other, as befits a good partnership.

Schaan and Reutlingen, March 2021

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