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Russmedia International accelerates Jobiqo's growth

Russmedia International Est (RMI) acquires 50,1% from founder Klaus Furtmüller, who will continue as minority shareholder and director. Remaining shareholders and long-time Jobiqo employees, Martin Lenz (Managing Director), Klaus Purer (Head of Technology Operations) and Matthias Hutterer (Head of Development & Innovation) will stay on and assume further responsibilities. They also invest further into Jobiqo alongside RMI and increase their shareholdings.



I am delighted to welcome RMI as an internationally renowned investor and technology partner.

Klaus Furtmüller, Shareholder & director

Jobiqo will be able to double down on its current strategy while the existing management structure will remain in place.

„We prefer to invest in independent companies with a strong entrepreneurial team. Klaus Furtmüller, Martin Lenz, Klaus Purer and Matthias Hutterer have built an impressive company over the last years and we look forward to working with them to further accelerate Jobiqo’s growth,“ says Chris Wittlinger, Investment Manager at Russmedia Group.

„Jobiqo will continue to represent stability and the innovative strength that our customers, partner companies and employees know and appreciate,“ says Managing Director Martin Lenz.

With Russmedia International, Jobiqo has gained a strong partner who has reaffirmed our organic growth as well as our product and globalization strategy, and who will significantly support us in developing further.

Martin Lenz, Managing Director

Investment & staff expansion

As part of the takeover, RMI is also investing a high six-figure sum in Jobiqo GmbH. “We plan to invest further in product development and the organization to further enhance Jobiqo’s technological and market leadership” comments Eugen B. Russ, Managing Director of RMI.

„It has always been our vision to develop technologies geared to the needs of the job applicants, with which our customers can improve the services offered to their target groups and increase their turnover in the job market,“ says Managing Director Martin Lenz. „With our solutions, job board owners reach a new level of quality and professionalism in online recruiting. As a technology provider, we act in the background and focus on creating the best possible performance for our customers. We will continue to develop new products along the recruiting value chain for them in the future.“

In the past two years, Jobiqo GmbH has tripled its turnover and number of employees, and has won numerous customers in the USA and Great Britain. The renowned market and industry expert Richard Essex joined the recently opened office in London as Management Director, to serve and further increase Jobiqo’s customer base.

Jobiqo GmbH, founded in 2011, emerged from one of Klaus Furtmüller’s former companies. Furtmüller has been involved in digital recruiting solutions and the development of his job board technology for 13 years. Martin Lenz has been in charge of the business since Spring 2017.

 Russmedia International Est. is an investor in and operator of marketplaces, aggregators and SaaS solutions, currently running a profitable portfolio of 19 digital businesses across Europe.

What the RMI investment means for Jobiqo (German)

Chris Wittlinger, Martin Lenz and Klaus Furtmüller discuss the new RMI investment into Jobiqo on (in German).

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