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15 Januar 2021

Dace.hu acquires The Cook

The Cook, with more than 10 years of experience in the dating industry brings along with their three platforms more than 1.5 million registered users.

This year the Csajok és Pasik (csajokespasik.hu – Girls and Boys) dating site celebrates its 11th birthday. The service started as a stand-alone application on the Hungarian social network that preceded the arrival of Facebook. In its first year of operation 600 thousand users joined and it soon became a full-fledged dating service working on multiple platforms.

In 2015 The Cook Kft acquired 50% of the shares of Lovebox (lovebox.hu) which was the second dating site to arrive on the freshly starting online market in 2002. 

In 2017 The Cook has launched Padaam (padaam.hu) that is focusing on a unique niche of single parents. Padaam has attracted 70,000 registered users.

We think that Padaam has a big potential since it is the meeting point of Hungarian single parents. This is a unique market segment of users who have less time and energy to meet in the traditional offline ways. They are the ones who are limited in their social networks and during COVID were under the most stress. We think single parents deserve this special care and we will work around the clock to provide an utmost professional service and growth rocketing marketing.

Peter Weiler, president of Dating Central Europe

“We believe that our company will be in the best hands at Dating Central Europe since they have the widest portfolio of online dating products in Hungary. Their 20 years of experience in the field and the underlying synergies of their services is a guarantee that Padaam and Csajok es Pasik will grow to new heights. “ stated Gergely László the departing CEO of The Cook company.


This acquisition is creating a new avenue for Dating Central Europe to better serve the Hungarian singles community. Running a full fan of niche applications is a good way to optimize the infrastructure, marketing and know-how.


Russmedia Equity Partners (RMEP) is the majority owner of Dating Central Europe and is actively investing into profitable niche marketplaces and SaaS solutions in Europe. 

Russmedia Equity Partners offers constant support to their portfolio companies by facilitating and consulting in M&A activities, you can find out more about the investment approach here .

RMEP also manages the existing digital portfolio of Russmedia Group, consisting of 21 portals in seven countries. 

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