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08 April 2020

Our first Bootstrapping Meetup 2020

On 19 February 2020 we welcomed more than 30 founders and CEOs of bootstrapped startups for the first invite-only RMEP Bootstrapping Meetup in Vienna!

Eugen B. Russ, managing director of Russmedia Equity Partners, kicking off the meetup.

Giving ample time for networking and experience sharing, the exclusive one-day event was focused on getting to know fellow like-minded entrepreneurs from all across Europe.

In the presentations and discussions, the entrepreneurs shared their experiences openly on how to build profitable niche marketplace companies with respect to different business models, markets and regions and which obstacles they needed to overcome in order to achieve a dominant market position by bootstrapping their business.

The entrepreneurs discussed a broad range of topics including permission marketing hacks to increase revenues, cost-efficient market penetration or new trends in responsive website optimization.  The meetup also included a leadership workshop about building high performance teams by Eric Hofmann – which is particularly relevant in times of crisis.

Eric Hofmann in his keynote on "building high-performing teams"
Rado Daradan and Mic Melanšek of Hooray Studios on cost-efficient market penetration
Thomas Glössner, co-founder of, sharing his insights on permission marketing hacks

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